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 Introducing Cle Elum's Coolest UV & Waterproof Stickers! 


Step up your sticker game with Cle Elum's most vibrant and durable stickers that are as fun as they are practical! Our latest addition is the dazzling holographic sticker, ready to make your world shimmer with rainbow colors in the sun!


Sunshine Magic: Watch as your stickers come alive in the sunlight, flashing an enchanting array of colors. The holographic design is perfect for those who crave a touch of mesmerizing magic in their lives.


Rain or Shine, They Shine: Our UV and waterproof stickers are built tough to withstand all weather conditions. Rain, snow, or sunshine, these stickers stay vibrant and unscathed, adding a burst of color to your day, every day!


Cle Elum Design: Celebrate the beauty of Cle Elum with our exclusive designs that capture the essence of this picturesque place. Whether you're a local or a traveler, these stickers let you carry a piece of Cle Elum wherever you go.


Endless Possibilities: Wondering where to stick these beauties? Get inspired by the most common places: laptops, water bottles, phone cases, skateboards, car bumpers, and more! Express your style and personality by adorning your belongings with our stickers.


Waterproof Wonder: Planning an adventure by the lake or a wild river ride? No worries! Our stickers are 100% waterproof, so they'll stay put and keep looking fabulous even when the water splashes.


Dare to Be Different: Stand out from the crowd with stickers that reflect your unique style. Mix and match our designs to create a personalized collage that tells your story.


Don't miss out on the chance to add a touch of Cle Elum's charm and the mesmerizing allure of holographic magic to your life. Grab your UV and waterproof stickers today and let your creativity shine!



*This sticker is 3x3 inches

Holographic ILoveCleElum Sticker (3x3in)

  • Snow, wind, rain or shine, these UV & waterproof stickers are great for indoor and outdoor use! So whether it's going on your car or your laptop, these high quality stickers don't tear or fade!

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