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Privacy & Safety

Your data and personal information is never shared with anyone. We make a point of not recording it in the first place, so rest assured your privacy is respected here. 

Wholesale Inquiries

We love wholesale so get in touch if you'd like to sell our products!

Why buy the posters wholesale? 

This poster collection is a celebration of Cle Elum and features the absolute local spots for nature: Lake Cle Elum, Cooper Lake, Peoh Point and Redtop Lookout. Currently there are no other designs in existence that feature these beloved areas of Cle Elum!

The posters come in two sizes, 12x18 (same size as the national park collectable posters) and 18x24. The posters are printed on the highest quality enhanced matte paper so these can go straight on the wall or within a frame. The border design for the two sizes is different, making the products distinguishable.

Why buy stickers wholesale?

The Peoh Point sticker is one-of-a-kind because it's been digitally hand-drawn buy a local artist, so you won't find this image anywhere else but

Stickers are everywhere especially in Cle Elum! Just check out the backs of phones, laptops, tablets, vehicles, water bottles, etc.

Checkout displays with stickers are proven to drive up incremental impulse sales because of their affordability, increasing your daily sales and profits.

The benefits for using iloveCleElum's product are:

- The products are one of a kind and resonate within our community

- We can distribute and restock within 5 days to your store with FREE DELIVERY

- Wholesale discounts increase with larger orders

- Our products are affordable

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments

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