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Bring the outdoors in, with our Lake kachess Art, a tribute to the breathtaking natural beauty surrounding Cle Elum, Washington. This stunning piece is available in two sizes, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your space.


Lake Kachess, known by its Native American name meaning "more fish," holds a special place in my heart and represents the essence of the natural beauty surrounding Cle Elum. Its serene waters nestled within the Cascade Range provide a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

As part of my 2024 "I Love Cle Elum" Art collection, I was drawn to Lake Kachess for its stunning scenery and recreational opportunities. The picturesque landscape, framed by towering evergreen trees and majestic peaks, captures the true essence of the Pacific Northwest.


Moreover, Lake Kachess holds a special significance for the community of Cle Elum, serving as a beloved recreational spot for residents and visitors alike. By featuring Lake Kachess in my art collection, I hope to celebrate its beauty and inspire others to explore and cherish the natural wonders of our region.

Through my artwork, I aim to capture the essence of Cle Elum and its surrounding treasures, inviting viewers to embark on a visual journey that celebrates the beauty of our local landscapes. Lake Kachess, represents just one of the many gems that make Cle Elum a truly special place to call home.



Premium Quality: Printed on enhanced matte paper, our wall art delivers exceptional quality and detail. It looks stunning on your wall, even without a frame.


Vibrant Colors: Our artwork boasts vivid, true-to-life colors that capture the essence of Kittitas County's nature. Each piece is a vibrant celebration of this picturesque region.


Hand-Drawn: Every piece is meticulously hand-drawn, showcasing the artist's dedication to capturing the charm and allure of Cle Elum and it's surrounding areas.


Vintage National Park Style: Inspired by the national park collectible posters, our art brings a touch of nostalgia and wanderlust to your home decor.


Transform your space with the beauty of Ellensburg, Washington, and bring the outdoors in with our Wall Art. Add it to your cart today and enjoy a piece of nature's majesty in your home.





Ready to ship in 2 business days.

Domestic Shipping available within the US.



Contact us for custom sizes or framing options


Note to customer: These are the same size as the National Park collectable posters at 12x18 inches, so if your hobby is collecting posters from your travels, add these to your collection!


Lake Kachess, Washington Poster

  • These posters are printed on enhanced matte paper which means you don't have to buy a frame for this to look good on the wall! 


    *This price is for the print only, it does not include a frame. Please purchase seperatly.

    *The watermark is removed on all purchased posters. The word, 'watermark' will not be present on your poster!

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